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Date: 14th May 2016
Richtek IC
Linear Regulator (LDO)Richtek portfolio of linear regulator can support low-dropout,Website:, high PSRR, multiple output and DDR Vtt applications. With different package preference and input voltage range, you always can find suitable device from our product matrix.Product Line??Multiple Output LDO??Linear DDR Terminator??Single Output LDORT9167-50GB LDO Voltage RegulatorSwitching RegulatorsRichtek switching voltage regulators provide accurate output voltage regulation with high efficiency for wide range of applications from battery powered mobile applications to high power CORE supply computing applications. To select the correct type of switching regulator, you need to consider the application input and output voltage and load current conditions.Product Line??Step-Up (Boost) Converter??Step-Down (Buck) Converter??Buck-Boost Converter??Step-Up (Boost) Controller??Step-Down (Buck) Controller??Multi-Phase Step-Down ControllerRT8279GSP Step-Down Converter
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